To be a wife, almost 2 decades ago, who could have dreamed it would be this way? Taking the vow, from this day forward... not knowing loving you forever would be such a reward. You and I stood and looked into each other's eyes, spoke our true vows as husband and wife. In sickness and in health, till death do we part, till life after death.


Obstacles in life we both overcome, too many ups and downs, arguments, fighting, throwing words at each other, yet we never gave up, we never let go of each other's arms. Our love becomes stronger that we both learn to forgive and forget.


Soon came that test that we never expected. Though we've gone through a lot for more than a decade, our love has grown powerful through every dropped tear. No words can express how very much you mean to me. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I know our souls were meant to be.


You are my knight in shining armour, my prince of peace through it all. I can't imagine my life without you, my sweetest loving better half. You've picked me up and made me strong, forgiven me when all went wrong...


The storms of life have taken us down, but our love just gets stronger with each other around. Like music, you make whispers through my soul. Your loving arms around me keep me whole! Moving forward from this day through, these five words I swear to you: I'll be there for you!


Even if the sun refuses to shine, you will still have my heart until the end of time. Love will never fade no matter what.




We'll get through this one day, one step, one breathe at a time. With many more Valentine's to share, husband of mine!!