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The Domestic Workers Corner intends to help foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong cope with the demands of their job and provide help and support to those in need, especially those whose contracts are terminated prematurely, and those facing personal problems. If necessary, DWC will refer the worker for assistance to Government or Non-Government Organisations. From time to time, DWC will also ask resource speakers to talk to members about Hong Kong’s laws, particularly in regards to their rights and obligations as FDWs.

Title: Simpleng gabay sa pagbigay ng notice sa amo at pagpasa sa Immigration

Published: 8th May 2022

Title: Ist live big4 KULITAN love love love

Published: 24th Oct 2021

Title: SAHOD

Published: 24th Oct 2021

Title: A decades journey before the DWC Hong Kong created.

Published: 19th May 2021

Title: Mission Accomplished 🤝

Published: 25th Dec 2020

Title: Domestic Workers Corner raises $56k for Philippine flood victims

Published: 18th Dec 2020

Title: Hike for a Cause for the Typhoon Ulysses recepients

Published: 17th Dec 2020

Title: Envelope and Stamp guide sa pag renew ng Passport at Contract

Published: 6th Dec 2020

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