Consul General Raly L. Tejada’s Lunar New Year message for Hong Kong’s Filipino community

By PANGYAO_Official on 21st Feb 2023


Consul General Raly L. Tejada’s message for Hong Kong’s Filipino community


Greetings to our beloved kababayan in Hong Kong!


I hope that you all had a pleasant and enjoyable celebration of the Lunar New Year. Along with the coming of the Year of the Rabbit, we can feel the palpable change in the air. From the bustling streets to the return of large-scale public events, the city is slowly regaining its lively energy.


With the gradual lifting of most pandemic restrictions, I am sure everyone is excited to experience the joys of dining outside with family and friends, travelling, and attending public events.


In this regard, I am pleased to invite everyone to participate and support two important initiatives by the Consulate General. First, everyone is invited to view the Consulate’s flower display in the upcoming Hong Kong Flower Show at Victoria Park, Causeway Bay, from 10th to 19th March 2023. It is a prime opportunity to showcase Philippine flowers, themes, and festivities for an international audience.


Second, I wish to reiterate our call to all Filipinos to take the time and register as an Overseas Voter. Registration can be done easily at the Philippine Consulate during the Overseas Voter registration period until 30th September 2024. We strongly urge everyone to submit an application early, avoid the rush at the tail end of the registration period, and, most importantly, ensure that their voices are heard in the selection of the next Philippine government. Don’t forget to bring your Philippine passport and a photocopy when registering.


As Hong Kong regains its vibrancy, it is my utmost wish for the Filipino community to maintain the strong bonds and cooperation that helped it weather the throes of the pandemic. On our part, the Consulate maintains its commitment to delivering efficient and effective public services for our constituents in Hong Kong. Please rest assured that our hardworking men and women of the Consulate are available 24/7 to assist you with all your concerns.


With the coming of spring and our much-awaited return to normalcy, may we all share in the blessings of the new season.


Maraming salamat po!