Introduce yourself!

Hi everyone, I'm Mardy. I come from the Philippines and I am a MESH Peer under AIDS Concern. I have been working in Hong Kong for 14 years now.


What does sexual health mean to you? 

Sexual health includes care for our physical and mental health and is fundamental to a healthy relationship where each partner communicates, understands and respects each other's sexuality. Sexual Health also includes discussing and exchanging views before intercourse on how both people can be both protected to avoid transmitting different sexual diseases.


Why did you become a MESH ambassador?

I have been working in Hong Kong for quite a long time so I became a part of multiple organizations which advocate for different things. I have seen different kind of relationships evolve over here. As a domestic worker in Hong Kong, getting sick or an illness may put you at risk for losing your job. I know that AIDS and STD can become serious illnesses if one does not know how to protect themselves. Therefore, it encouraged me to become MESH ambassador and go out for outreach to spread awareness on sexual health and talk to my fellow migrant workers. I also want to encourage them to get tested for themselves so that they are protected.


What is your mission after joining MESH? 

My mission as a peer is to not only spread awareness but also to communicate, listen to the stories of other people, understand their fears, give hope to those who feel discriminated against by their friends and provide assurance that their story will be kept confidential. I also want to teach them that prevention is better than cure.


How do we contact you and help your cause? 

Aside from distributing resource cards and booklets , I use social media platforms to reach all migrant domestic workers.

I can guide and help all those who want to book appointment for free testing and receive different kinds of condoms and self-test kits which MESH provides for free.