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Overview of MESH (Mission for Ethnic Minorities Sexual Health)


MESH is one of the service teams under AIDS Concern, the first non-governmental charity dedicated to AIDS Care in Hong Kong. It aims to enhance sexual health awareness of Filipino, Indonesian and African Communities in Hong Kong. Comprehensive sexual health education and emotional support are provided in a culturally inclusive atmosphere so that people of diverse culture, ethnicity, race or geographical backgrounds can talk about their opinions and experiences in a safe and respectful environment.


Services provided by MESH


Testing Services

Every Sunday, MESH provides HIV/Syphillis testing services at their health center located in Jordan (nearby Exit C2). Clients book appointments beforehand using their phone number and date of birth. However no personal identification is needed. Clients who are only available on weekdays/Saturdays are also able to book appointments if slots are open on those days. We have trained testing workers which carry out the testing procedure that takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour. Clients receive free pre-test counselling which includes brief risk assessment, standardized testing and post-test counselling which includes education on various STI, HIV and sexual education.


Some clients are afraid or embarrassed to come to the center for testing. Therefore, MESH also provides self-test kits for clients to test at home, in their own comfort. The self-test kits are free-of-charge and can be either picked at the health center in Jordan or mailed to the clients’ home via SF/Hong Kong Post


Peer Educator Training Programs

Every year, MESH conducts a peer training program for Filipino and Indonesian migrant domestic workers where workers are trained to become peers in their respective communities. The training includes intensive training on HIV/STI and sexual health education. They are required to submit assignments to complete the training and consolidate their knowledge. Peers also have a chance to go on physical outreaches during Sundays to different parts of Hong Kong such as Central, Hung Hom, Mong Kok etc. to spread the message to other members of the community by distributing leaflets, souvenirs and free condoms. After the training, peers continue to support the services of MESH as future peer trainers or ambassadors.


Collaboration with organizations to hold workshop and testing services

MESH has partners with various NGOs including Christian Action, TCK Learning Centre, Branches of Hope, Run Hong Kong etc. to regularly conduct workshops on HIV/STI Prevention, Treatment and Knowledge workshops to their clients. These workshops also include testing component where clients can voluntarily choose to get tested immediately after the workshop if they would like to.

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「關懷愛滋」成立於1990年,是本港首個關注愛滋病及提供有關服務的非政府慈善組織。 我們的願景是在香港建設「三零」社會:零新感染、零標籤及零愛滋病相關死亡。我們將從個人、機構、社會層面出發,帶動全面的社會改變,達至「三零目標」,阻遏愛滋病病毒傳播,消除社會對感染者的負面標籤。 未來五年,我們的目標為降低本港愛滋病病毒感染率,由2013年高位逐年遞減,致力降低公眾對愛滋病的污名指數。 AIDS Concern was established in 1990 as the first non-government charity organisation committed to the service of AIDS care in Hong Kong. Our vision is to create “TRIPLE ZERO” Hong Kong, this means ZERO new infections, ZERO stigma and ZERO AIDS deaths. AIDS Concern will lead social changes by individuals, organisations and society to achieve TRIPLE ZERO, to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and eliminate stigma for people living with HIV. In the coming 5 years our aim is to see the annual HIV new infection rate in Hong Kong falling from the 2013 rate. Our ambition is also to see a fall in the public stigma index for HIV.

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