Rodelia M. Pedro - Founder of Domestic Workers Corner (DWC) Hong Kong and PathFinders Ambassador

By PANGYAO_Official on 22nd Jul 2021

Domestic Workers Corner Hong Kong

1. What is your name and the name of the organisation you represent?

My name is Rodelia M. Pedro and I am the founder of Domestic Workers Corner Hong Kong and also a PathFinders Ambassador. 


2. Tell us a bit more about yourself and the migrant group you founded.

I love volunteering because I am happy to help other people. I started to serve Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) in the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish as a Sunday School Teacher and a Help Desk Committee member, where we give assistance to MDWs in the community. To further attend the needs of MDWs, I attended seminars, training, talks and outreach to gain more knowledge about our rights and give out any helpful information. We also coordinate with the Philippine General Consulate, Philippine Overseas Labor Office and many NGOs so that we can forward cases that need legal assistance. 


I created a Facebook page called Domestic Workers Corner Hong Kong 4 years ago to help MDWs. My page now has 20 administrators and 5 groups with different services to help members. After joining Resolve Foundation’s Social Justice leadership training, I launched a new initiative on Domestic Workers Corner called Migrants Guide 2020 with the support of the Philippines Consulate, which is a monthly webinar where I collaborate with many NGOs to share information and community resources with MDWs. 


Through my activities in Domestic Workers Corner, I was nominated by PathFinders and ultimately won the Spirit of Hong Kong 2020 Community Service award “The Lion Rock People’s Choice Award,” which represents can-do and go-getter in Hong Kong. Recently in June, I received The Bagong Bayani 2021 Award for Community and Social Service Award by Bagong Bayani Foundation Philippines. Both of these awards inspired me to do more for the migrant community, and I am very thankful to those who supported me along the way.


3. What inspired you to become a Pathfinders Ambassador?

As a PathFinders Ambassador, I love what I am doing to empower women, especially MDWs, by assisting and reminding them to be aware and emphasizing on their rights. Being pregnant is an important and difficult decision for MDWs. It feels like we need to choose between WORK or BABY/FAMILY. If a worker knows her maternity rights as a mother, she can plan for a better future. She is not scared to get pregnant and knows that it’s unlawful for her employer to terminate her on the grounds of her pregnancy. This is one reason why I am very motivated to share PathFinders’ mission because not all migrant workers are aware about their maternity rights. Love scams are also one of my main focuses to prevent unplanned pregnancies. Being a mother is very important for many women and empowering migrant workers is our responsibility as an Ambassador.


4. What social issues would you like to see improve?

Unplanned pregnancy and awareness of love scam. As a PathFinders Ambassador, I will continue to share my knowledge about love scams, misconceptions and other related issues, for example the child’s residency status in Hong Kong. 


5. How can members of the community contact your group and reach out to Pathfinders for help?


They can Whatsapp or call Domestic Worker Corner’s hotline 91613074. 

As a PathFinders’ Ambassador, I am conducting regular outreach with and on behalf of PathFinders. Ambassadors will also help to connect PathFinders with any migrant worker who is pregnant or with a child facing crisis and in need of help. 


6. Advice for fellow migrant workers.  


In seeking love and relationship...don’t fall for sweet talks as promises can be broken. True love awaits.


For all MDWs, always save important contact numbers and hotlines even if you don’t need it. If you meet someone who badly needs some assistance, then you at least have the resources to help in a simple way. We are all struggling and many experience depression. When problems arise, don’t be afraid to seek help/legal advice to address and to deal with the problems to prevent further crises and depression especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. 


God bless us all.