My Catalyst

By Edith Garma on 18th Apr 2022

Domestic Workers Corner Hong Kong

As far as I remember, I grew up to be the favourite child of my father. Among my siblings, I was the one closest to him.  Perhaps because I was the firstborn girl, or he saw his childhood on me, the stubborn and strong-willed one, plus I was his original copy among the brood.


He's my rock and fortress, my superman. I was the spoiled princess. He showered me all his time and attention. Every whim of mine's was met, oftentimes my siblings got jealous, Elisa in particular. Elisa came after me. There has always been sibling rivalry among us for it's open secret that I was his pet. At first I reciprocated his unconditional love, I was a diligent section 1 student, winning Science quiz bee often, and doing my passion of writing every time.


 But I have had my share of ups and downs too, when i became rebellious and defiant. I went astray, a far cry from what I used to be. I fell in love, studied a course against my father's will.I broke his heart in the process. But guess what? Dad never abandoned me. Oh, what an amazing demonstration of love to a daughter! He truly believed he'd embedded genuine love within me, and that I was just exploring and discovering my true purpose.


While traversing this tumultuous adventure, a dilemma hit me hard. Father suddenly passed away in his sleep at age 44. I was shattered and wounded. I was the sheep without my shepherd. I was an empty vessel without my anchor. I was drifting faraway for I lost my beacon of inspiration. This was the turning point, so i decided to toil abroad, to breathe anew. Father's demise impacted me a lot. During this adversity, Elisa and I grew closer, as can be manifested by our monthly long distance letters.


Fast forward, after many years, when all I thought everything was going well, a devastating news astounded us. The healthy Elisa(as we knew), my altruistic, straight-A sister, the one who walked the extra mile for family's sake, Elisa, the saint, as i often mocked her, was suffering from a debilitating disease. Surviving were slim. I was caught off guard. She's dying…


After a year of fighting, Elisa met our Creator at age 39.See how destiny was so cruel unto us. Was it mission accomplished? Please help us to know your purpose, help us to contemplate dear God! May you unravel, even just a bit the reason behind this profound suffering..


"Hey Elisa don't feel jealous of me, see you go first, you're actually Dad's favourite child!" I uttered in between muffled cries, my heart was too heavy.


"Tita let's go now, it's getting dark, there might be a heavy rain, too," Angel, Elisa's firstborn summoned me to stand and leave the cemetery. Yes, it's been three years now, yet remembering Elisa's life story is still a bitter sorrow…


"Fly now Elisa, you're indeed an inspiration. May your legacy transcend forevermore, just like dad."