Know Your Pangyao: Will (Shop master at 1ofaKind)

By PANGYAO_Official on 9th Apr `22

"Try this on, we have more options here. You will look great in this outfit!"


A tall, gentle man, Will is the shop assistant in our buzzing sample store 1ofaKind – an initiative from homelessness charity ImpactHK – located in Jordan. Overseeing all retail and customer service duties, Will is loved by all our neighbours and has even become something of a local celebrity – during our interview, an old man passing by even grabbed him for a photo!


Seeing the natural interaction between Will and our customers, it’s hard to believe he was once exceptionally reserved and quiet. Years ago, Will lost his job and started his journey on the streets. Being half-Malaysian and half-British, he found it more difficult to interact with others and withdrew, becoming increasingly isolated. 


As one of our earliest friends at ImpactHK, Will has progressed through our programmes step by step, culminating in him joining the 1ofaKind team as a store assistant. “I now have friends and responsibility”, he shares with a beaming smile.


Asked about his about his plans for the future, Will pauses for a moment. “I am not gonna stay here forever, right?” he says, grinning, “Maybe going back to the UK, maybe New Zealand, maybe staying in HK… I don’t know where to go yet, but anyway, it’s moving forward!”


1ofaKind store offers brand new, high quality clothing and accessories (including designer brands!) at low prices. Pick up a bargain today, while doing your bit to help Hong Kong’s homeless community! 

1ofaKind, Shop 8, G/F, Man Wai Building, 18 Man Wai Street, Jordan, Kowloon, HK

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