By Aileen_PYP on 19th Mar 2020

Aileen and Martin had a very productive meeting with Consulate General Raly Tejada and Vice Consul Robert Quintin on 18th March at the Philippine Consulate General offices in Admiralty.


The Pangyao team admired the view from the conference room with a lovely cup of camomile and honey tea, before being introduced to Con. Gen. Raly Tejada and Vice Consul Robert Quentin.


After a brief introduction about PANGYAO.HK, we discussed our goals and vision for the project, and talked about the value of having a platform where all the important resources for migrant workers are consolidated into one user-friendly and fun-to-use website.  


Vice Consul Quintin gave his insights on other organisations that help ethnic minorities and how valuable it is to expand their network.


The meeting concluded with both Con. Gen. Tejada and Vice Consul Quintin offering their full support to our platform, and of course an obligatory photo!


PANGYAO.HK is very happy to have the blessing and support of the Philippine Consulate, and we very much look forward to collaborating further going forward, as we continue to build our social enterprise and support migrant workers through our social platform! 🤩


Further details and contact information about the Philippine Consulate can be found in our Help & Support section.