International Women's Day Dance Challenge by PathFinders

By PANGYAO_Official on 7th Mar 2020

Everyone in Hong Kong is welcomed to join PathFinders' International Women's Day Dance Challenge in support of migrant mothers and PathFinders' Ambassadors, just follow these simple steps:

1️⃣Follow these dance moves and film your dance video to exactly 15 sec, if not, trim it on TikTok

2️⃣ Add soundtrack (press "sound" and search for Independent Women by Destiny Child")

3️⃣ Add text "International Women's Day - Support Migrant Mothers and PathFinders' Ambassadors" and any stickers you want in the video

4️⃣Paste/include this text in your post 👉"

Sending love to all migrant mothers and support to #PathFinders' FDW Ambassadors! Let's unite all women with #maternityrights!

#womensday" 👈and post the video by 22/3 before 23:59. Make sure it's viewable to the public!

5️⃣👀If you can't post on TikTok, you can post on Facebook / Instagram too. You must tag us @pathfindershk to qualify!

6️⃣To win, make sure you get the Best Dance and the Most Likes by your friends. So share your video to as many people as possible!

🎁🎁🎁We have AMAZING prizes for grabs. Details about the prizes will be shared on our event page in the following two weeks. Happy Dancing!💃💃💃

Huge thanks to Zumba instructor Romeo from the #Fitfam group for his time and efforts in coming up with these dance moves for us!! 


A message from Pathfinders' CEO Catherine:

"Hi I am Catherine, the CEO of PathFinders. On this International Women's Day, we are organising an online dance challenge to unite all women around one thing - maternity rights and protection.

As women we can all feel a heavy sense of injustice when a woman gets pregnant and loses her job. Her child, family and her own needs - whether it be food, healthcare or even somewhere to live - might not be met when vital income is gone. At PathFinders we support migrant mothers, mainly foreign domestic workers, and their children. We'd like to celebrate these strong mothers who come to us when they are at their most vulnerable and need support to find a path to a safe and brighter future for their child.

I know from experience being a mother is a tough job. Even harder when you work abroad and far away from your family, and don't know what local services and support is available. So lets dance to show solidarity, love and support to all migrant mothers.

On this occasion we would also like to say a huge thank you to our PathFinders Ambassadors. Right now we have 32 Ambassadors. Inspiring women leaders within the foreign domestic worker community who spend their limited and valuable free time to learn about maternity rights, prevention of unplanned pregnancies and love scams. And then spread this understanding to others in their community. So we also dance in appreciation of these wonderful and inspiring women and recognition of their passion and dedication to supporting all women to realise their rights.Thank you so much for joining us - let's dance!"