Wow! It’s been a month of PANGYAO.HK already??! Where did all the time go?

Here are the highlights of the Pangyao team:


Aileen and Martin spent the first half of the month preparing the Facebook page and coordinating with various Filipino community leaders, including BBMUHK’s Annette Hope and HKC’s Jojo De Guzman. The Facebook launch was exciting and new users for the website slowly came trickling in. Free tote bags and picnic mats were given away as a thank you gift for our first 50 website sign ups!


It was also the month where the PANGYAO team met with several non-government organisations for their input and advice. First organisation they met was Betty Wagner and Danilo Reyes HELP for Domestic Workers (here is their blog about it:, from there they learned more about the plight of domestic workers and what they urgently need.


The PANGYAO team also met with Marie Kretz Di Meglio and Camille Bethoux from UPLIFTERS, they are a non-profit organisation based in Hong Kong. They provide online financial education courses to migrant domestic workers and underprivileged communities. Read more about them here:


Next organisation they met with is the UN International Organization for Migration (UN IOM), they exchanged ideas and information about connecting with domestic workers and how to best reach out to them and how to disseminate helpful information to them.


Last meeting that was scheduled for the month was with The Zubin Foundation. They focus resources on Ethnic Minorities and migrants who are residents in Hong Kong. They also have a website which serves as a resource for EMs, you can check it out here:


When not meeting with different organisations, Aileen and Martin also had time to party and mingle with the migrant community.


First was the Pride Parade organised by Gabriela HK at Edinburgh Place, City Hall Central. There were different cultural dances, a lovely group performance from the founders and organisers, and of course, the parade of different LGBT and migrant groups. Read the blog about it here:


Next was the 6th anniversary party of BBMUHK which was held at The Star Stage, Cheung Sha Wan. It was a lovely celebration with lots of performances and a coronation for their beauty pageant. Aileen’s daughter, Lily, was made a flower girl (photo attached). It was a great way to introduce PANGYAO.HK to BBMUHK president, Annette Hope and to her members.


Then there was the early Christmas party celebration of the HK Bakmari Martial Arts group. It was fun for the whole family, as Martin was with his lovely wife, Grace, their son Luke and the twins, Ashlyn and Sebastian. Aileen also brought along her husband, Darren, and their little girl, Lily. There was A LOT of food, different Filipino dishes, a whole suckling pig, cakes, various desserts and of course, several cases of beer. There were several performances as well, and the highlight was the competition for best Santa. Here is the blog for the event:


And to top off this event filled month, Aileen and Martin were invited by the UN IOM to attend the Global Migration Film Festival screening of the film, “Strangers In Paradise” held at Emperor Cinemas in Central. It was a great opportunity for the PANGYAO team to network and meet people involved with the migrant community in Hong Kong. Read the blog here:


Whew! What an exciting couple of weeks!


This is only the beginning. It is a mountainous task and there are some challenges to be met by the PANGYAO team with their vision to become a primary resource for migrant workers in Hong Kong, by collaboration and promotion of fair and ethical practice.

And with the help of the community, we can aim to bring the migrant community closer together, encouraging unity, regardless of background, nationality or religion. 


Pangyao has been created for you, our users, so please sign up, get involved and help us build our community!