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By Aileen_PYP on 30th Aug 2019

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Dear readers,


A warm welcome from the PANGYAO team! PANGYAO is a new social platform for Hong Kong's migrant worker community, providing an extensive range of services, resources and social/entertainment features, all of which are completely FREE OF CHARGE for our users. 


As an Overseas Migrant Worker, navigating through the wealth of services on offer can be a never-ending maze. No doubt we've all had questions at times such as, 'Where is the nearest remittance centre?', 'How do I contact the Department of Welfare and Social Services?', 'Is there an NGO that can teach me new skills?'.  We all need an efficient way to find information, help and support.  We work hard to make a living, and saving every last penny for ourselves and our families have always been a priority; we want to get a better deal, find ways to save and ultimately make our hard-earned dollars go further. This is where PANGYAO comes in, providing a consolidated list of those all-important details, laid out in a user-friendly interface that saves you time, energy and money.


PANGYAO not only includes an extensive and detailed business directory (travel and employment agencies, remittance centres, door-to-door boxes, training centres, amongst many others), but also provides a platform for these businesses to communicate their latest goods, services and promotions directly to you - our users - tailored to your specific wants and needs.  Interested in a particular business?  Simply 'Like' their profile page, and any new updates and promotions they post will automatically appear in your personalised newsfeed.  These features are not limited to businesses either; we have also gathered information on a wide range governmental and non-governmental organisations that can help you navigate the different facets of overseas living.


That all sounds really useful, but where exactly does the 'social' element come in, I hear you ask?  A great question, with a multitude of answers!  Do you or your association/group have an important event you'd like to promote?  Create a public event listing for the PANGYAO community to see!  Planning a surprise birthday party with close friends? Create a private event and invite them along! Have a new recipe to share? Tips for going to the market? Or maybe you're looking for somewhere to share your personal stories about migrant life?  PANGYAO's blog section provides you the perfect platform!  Want to give recognition to that special friend in your life (and stand a chance to win prizes as well)? Check out our HAO PANGYAO feature! 


Our goal here at PANGYAO is not only to make your life in HK easier, but also more fun and exciting as well; our free time is limited, so let's maximise and make the most of it!  And remember, membership is completely FREE for migrant workers; just fill out some details on our sign-up page and you're good to go!  The more friends that sign up, the better and stronger our network becomes, so please don't hesitate to share, share, share!


As a final note, PANGYAO is a new platform built on the premise of community spirit, providing migrant workers with a voice and aiming to improve your daily lives here in Hong Kong.  This also means we're all ears when it comes to enhancing and improving our platform, so feel free to contact us with your thoughts, feedback and ideas!


Thanks for your support!


The PANGYAO team