By Racel on 17th Sep 2022

Horizons: home for talented migrant workers in Hong Kong

Before I go away and walk,

You said sit down it's just a talk,

I stared at you in a weary way,

It's hard for me to find some words to say,


Another day goes by and,

Still staring at the ceiling,

Will this ever end?,

How long will I pretend?,


Screams in my head are louder than my voice,

And silence is my only choice,

Suffering from my own sanity,

And everything inside me feels empty,


Again I break,

Again I shake,

Again I'm down,

Again I'm drowned,


Tired of unknown battles that I fight,

From those sleepless night,

When I thought that there's no light,

I hope someone listens tonight,


The demons on the wall,

Started to crawl,

They whisper things out of control,

I'm losing my mind, whom I can call?,


My faith was shaken,

And my soul is fallin',

I just want to be found,

I bend down my knees on the ground,


I found God in the corner,

I pulled myself back together,

Thank you for reminding me,

That my life is worthy,


Goodbye dark side of the road,

And to all the thoughts that I never told,

Right now I have a hand to hold,

And a lot of things that I need to mold,


Hear me,

Feel me,

Heal me,

Save me.


#Poetry Competition


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