By Racel on 24th Jul 2022

Horizons: home for talented migrant workers in Hong Kong

I can still remember,

The goodbyes on that hot weather,

Another three years of summer,

And new memories to gather,


So let me begin,

As I want you to imagine,

That we're traveling,

On a time machine,


One fine summer in two thousand nineteen,

I'm holding back my tears to where I'm standing,

Inside the airport with my plane ticket and passport,

Carrying my luggage as I'm ready to board,


I saw people coming home and smiling,

While others are leaving and crying,

I remember one quote saying,

That airport have seen,

The most sincere kiss and hugging,


Now I'm on the land of Fragrant Harbour,

Surrounded by its beautiful shore,

The new beggining opened the door,

Lifting my head high as my dream started to soar,


One summer evening,

While I'm sleeping,

I had this wonderful dream,

Of my daughter's favourite icecream,


The hot weather wakes me up,

So I poured water in my cup,

Then I silently weep,

Because I think I saw her in my sleep,


Three years of summer abroad wasn't fine,

'Cause I remember my daughter all the time,

Oh, this summer feels reminds me,

How I really miss my family,


My summer years,

Is just one of the thousand tears,

And one of the thousand stories,

Of a hardworking Filipino overseas.

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