HONG KONG By Valeen Aure

By Domestic Workers Corner on 13th Jul 2022

Domestic Workers Corner Hong Kong


By Valeen Aure


Foreign land, city lights

Quad season, busy streets

History and nature, well reserve

Race, culture vastly differed.


It wasn't my dream,

But a choice, an option

Not for me, but for my Ellie

The gift God had given me.


Those lines of calls

went haywire, distance this far

Longing years, drought breaking tears

Is this place worth the time?


From the highest gondola

To the glass floored cable cars

In the first hill of the roller coaster

Its eminence was fascinating.


Emotions unwrapped, feelings freed

The vision I see widened my views

changed those perspectives

Sorted my sanity, grasped peace!


It imprinted memories

Not just on images and films

But in my heart and my soul of grey,

That this place has offered me.


I am here! Someday, I won't,

But one thing is for sure

This place was my learning ground

I withered, but bloomed!

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