By Dux Illinois on 25th Apr 2022

Guhit Kulay
Domestic Workers Corner Hong Kong
Migrant Writers of Hong Kong

Dew Of Love


In a far away land there lived a lovers;

separated through time and space borders

as the fog lives in the heavens descending in time

and the flower lives far below, in the ground aligned.


One cold night the fog and the flower met

and got along as close as they could get

they talked all night and hugged each other tight

as they fell asleep in each other's delight.


The flower hid in the fog's embrace

the fog hides the flower in his grace

hiding her away from intruder's eyes

blocking the loudness of cicadas' cries


They dream of forever in which they share

a life together with nothing but fair

but what could be their fate that lies ahead?

are they destined with love or cruel fate?


And morning came with a warm breeze 

bees buzzing and leaves swaying not in freeze

but the fog was gone, nowhere to be seen

Where could it have been? only droplets remain.


Then the night falls and the fog came back

taking the forlorn flower into his hug

the little flower succumbed to his warmth

and cling tightly into his arms.


But then the fog ascended to the heavens

leaving the little flower yet again

as she noticed a droplet in her petals

flickering in the sun, a droplet clear as crystals


She then realized how much the fog loved her

as he never really left and disappeared.

leaving his trace behind, for her to know

he would come back, leaving her a dew.


And the little flower waited for each return

glowing each morning she never burns

though their time together was bereft

but with each parting, a dew was left.


           ---❤️ RED ❤️---



February 15, 2022

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