Leave a Trail

By Edith Garma on 9th Apr 2022

Migrant Writers of Hong Kong

Leave a trail

By Maria Editha Garma-Respicio


Rainbow’s glistening at the horizon

Pulsating the prophetic vision

As it breath the undying covenant

Oh, so enchanting, so poignant!


 Luna’s silhouetting the dark sky

Melodious night breeze rises up high

Gives rhythm to this melancholy mood

Beseeching this life won’t get screwed


 As the tide rises and falls

Kisses the pristine sand and crawls

May this life’s journey makes impact

Fulfill its purpose without distract


In the restoration of our planet

Of this blue earth we all inhabit

Like the dove that has wisdom

That gives elixir healing, not phantom


 May the virgin tropical forest

The sanctuary of wild animal

Be back to its former glory

Humans awake, stop mountain quarry


 At the bottom of the divine sea

Aquatic creatures are begging to thee

Suffocated by litters everywhere

Bring back the crystal water, show care


 At dawn, appears the elusive bluebird

Reminding us that we are stewards

Rebuking insolences burried in the soul

Beaconing us to that one goal


Conserve and protect the environment

Do your role, be a living testament

Make this world greener than before

Create a trail for your kin to explore...