Sacred Treasure

By on 8th Oct 2021

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She is a blessing to everyone

A precious gem to every child

A woman with endless love

And our devotion each day of our life


A helping hand in our hand

A breath of fresh air along the way

A good fairy godmother with a magic

A mighty woman everywhere


Our sunshine in every morning

Our daily prayer with faith

Our encouraging voice with love

Our light in every grey cloud


As we grow and rise day by day

She is the rose in the vase

The shine on a cloudy and stormy day

She is God's angel sent from heaven


Our bright and glorious star in the night

The queen of our souls

She is our shadow in the light

A good comforter with her tight hugs


A good memory when she's gone

A million tiny heartbeats

The melody in each song we hear

She is an everlasting love


She deserves everything in the world

Our love and care when she is old

Give her some time to relax

Give her a break to enjoy her life


Show her the genuine love and care

Her worth is more than diamonds and gold

We thank God for our mothers

A sacred treasure to behold

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