Self care

By OdyHorizons on 11th Feb 2021

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Self care

By Ody Munson


When we're doing a motivation

That is  a big responsibility.

There should be no procastination.

Motivating from sad to being happy.


Who have seen this quotes many times?

It's OK not to be OK!

But we don't stop that way.

It should be followed up by

It's not ok to stay that way.


Here's we're self care is waving.

Start by inhale exhale proper breathing.

Listen to a music till you find yourself dancing.

In a minute or two you are smiling.


That's the start of wonderful beginning.

Positivity is contagiously radiating.

Yes it's true we're not perfect but

 that doesn't mean repeating this thing.

Why don't we learn from our imperfection

that's part of growing.


Let's not always justify everything.

Be calm, accept the whole situation.

Silence means yes, sending my apology.

Instead of too much explanation ending up in contrary.


Being humble means healing.

World peace and harmony is what it's creating.


INSPIRED BY Ester Vargas


IT'S CHINESE NEW YEAR preparations are so tiring.


Workers are  tired


#Remember this it's OK not to be OK

But #it's not OK to stay that way.

#Self love, radiate it to the community.

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