A lot of things in life we wanted.

We always want it smoothly done.

Most of the time...struggling...

and everytime we encounter failure,

we always lose patience and sometimes

would want to give up.


Life is a wonderful gift from God.

It has a lot of spices too!

Not everything  good is to happen...

It has bad or sad sides, making it harder

for others and others were given the lighter.


On top of all  these...we must be very strong and always be ready in facing our battles.

Life has a lot of things to offer.

It maybe sweeter today...

 and then bitter tomorrow .

Life is like a wheel...known to many

sometimes you are down...

other times you are on top or vice versa!


Life is awsome!

It is colorful like a rainbow!

 Learn to get rid of the negative things!

Move forward!

Search for the silver lining!


Always be Alert!

Never give up!

Keep the.strong Faith!

Stay positive and everything will be okay!

Always look at the  BRIGHTER SIDE!

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