Over the past years exploring online

I met a lot of men who were so active in calls, chatting. live streams and exchanging sweet words.

Many of them

Showered me with tender and loving words...few would only love to have some flirty fun.

Serious men convinced me to believe that they were so real in all their words but after few months or a year they will just simply disappear like bubbles on air.

I always give them my trust... I never think of negative about them.

All I know is that... "I am happy communicating with them".

I admit some took me to cloud nine because of their romantic words.

Until I met one very strange online lover!

He was sodifferent from the rest.

He never wanted to video call.

We only had voice calls and chats.

Whenever I ask him to send pictures, he is always telling me "No"... for he said ge was not a woman who love taking pictures and that really pained me.

Our relationship had gone a long way... going 1 year all the same routines...

It was really a strange and crazy thing but honestly, I'm in love with him.

He just gave me an assurance that... He will visit when covid is over…

In God's perfect time! I keep on holding on... wishing and praying hard.

Wish me luck!

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