By iamJerick.04 on 8th Dec 2020

Pinoy Life Fan Club
Horizons: home for talented migrant workers in Hong Kong

It has been a good home for all spiders

They dont have to go far to be good hunters

Just have to wait to catch their prey

And when one comes oh! Its a holiday.


Webs somehow represents something that catches our attention

Specially this modern day and the new generation

We are caught to things before is unnecessary

But now we hurry to grab it for own glory


Lavish materials were bought with so much pride

Power to be abuse for all should abide

Relationships stressing each one's sanity

Financial matters messing individuals credibility


Shall we or shall we not continue this

Attached and stucked to garbage things

Let us free ourselves to avoid life bleb

Think wisely, do good not be caught by web