Comfort Zone

By OdyHorizons on 8th Dec 2020

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Comfort zone

By. Melody Nadal

Aka Ody Munson


Wondering what is life outside.

See the world explore,implore.

Thinking might got lost need a guide.

Time to get out from your comfort zone

Our creator always provide.


It will start with a singe step.

It's something you won't regret.

Meeting new friends, challenges.

Road is bumpy but that's how we grow.


Sometimes it's frustrating not getting

what we want.

But on your own you will learn to be patient.

Very good attitude, needed by this nation.

Now get out from your comfort zone, let's have a collaboration.


Life has so much to offer.

The first move was yours

To be or not to be.

Quesera sera, you and me.


📸 Ela Dajay Laas

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