By Anna09 on 7th Dec 2020

Horizons: home for talented migrant workers in Hong Kong

Cousin by blood, sister by heart

Our connection is strong, we will never depart

A loving mother and a caring sister

Her green thumb exploded in her garden, everywhere blooming with beautiful flowers.


She is always ready to fight for me

Can lean on her specially in time of adversity

I believe on her abilities and admire her energy

Even she is petite she radiates positivity.

Her heart is bigger than anyone would be.


Her name is MILDRED... Beautiful woman, indeed.

Don't make her mad or else your dead!

She's jolly yet sensitive,we played a lot , even braids my thin long haired.


I always smile whenever I remember her

She's sweet and comfortable to be with.

In her company, you'll never be blue

Days and nights will be bright because of you

My Mildred, I love you!


By:, Annaliza V. Aquino



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