I am here, Alone

By Lifediary511✍📖 on 30th Nov 2020

Migrant Writers of Hong Kong

Laying on my bed at night,

Alone and thinking about why I am here.

I have so much love and care to lend.

Did anyone notice my presence?


I met a guy who said he cares for me,

The care that I never felt for long ago.

He manipulated my weaknesses,

He knows how to play all along.


There is so much hurt I feel,

So much anger trapped inside.

I wish my mom were here,

with her tender care.


I have no one to talk to.

Crying seems to be the only way.

Then I realize, all a lie,

Just like the way I smile every day.


I know outside I'm smiling;

It's the face I fake for everyone,

Inside my soul is crying,

There is nothing else I can do.


I know my family loves me.

I'm in their memories when needed.

I'm sick of feeling like I am worthless,

No one understand as I leave.


I lay in bed and asked myself once more,

What the hell I'm doing here.

Wake me up from this dream!

And let me just disappear!





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