Grateful Thursday

By OdyHorizons on 29th Oct 2020

Horizons: home for talented migrant workers in Hong Kong


BY Melody  Nadal

Aka Ody Munson


Here is an inspiring poet about how you love yourself, and budget friendly.


Hello world today is a new day.

So bright  sunny and gay.

What ever comes our way .

Just be every morning be ready.


Embraced every situation, wholeheartedly.

Always welcome the extraordinary.

Do not forget to love yourself, be lively.

Just be sure it's budget friendly .


Get dressed, experiment your look my lady.

Your old stuff was a treasure , a bit fancy.

A cup and a happy sip of coffee.

Let me write this poem my gift for you ,just read it it's free.


Me ,my morning goodvibes , and a sip of my soothing coffee.

Making a good memory ,absolutely budget friendly.

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