Joan... Arch of Wisdom

By Anna09 on 24th Oct 2020

Horizons: home for talented migrant workers in Hong Kong

In our home, she is our one and only auntie

Who will mold you with good character and positivity

She will boost your morale and share all her experiences vibrantly

To give you inspiration and look up to life brightly.


I met her virtually yet she gives me all the energy.

My views in life progress as  I chat with her anyday

I followed her social media accounts to learn more about courage and acquire serenity

She is a role model in our society.


She is our auntie JOAN, an arch of wisdom

Her heart is filled with joy, humility and freedom

Free to speak what's on her mind, free from boredom.

Full of talents that when she shows you, you'll be out of your mind.


I thanked God I found her and crossed our paths

Learning and growing is not hard when someone like her will mold you like a lathe

I'm praying for her safety and hoping to meet her someday

Even crossing borders we are far from each other...

We will be meeting in Malaysia or any country that will bring us jolly and gay.


Written by Annaliza V Aquino



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