By OdyHorizons on 20th Oct 2020

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Tuesday daily posting

Honoring horizons art talents

My Hibiscus

By Melody Nadal

Horizons Founder.

Painting by Horizons talent Maureen Villanueva


The painting that captures everything.

When I was kid me and hibiscus got a memory so captivating.

I'm opening it's petals and I side of it there a sweet honey now I'm craving.

It's leaves and flowers I grinded into stone.

Adding it with water stirr it up, voila blow into air my hibiscus  bubbles.


At school we always used a hibiscus a a model, to learn the parts of the flower.

Petal, stigma, style,  filament, sepal, ovary, receptacle, anther.

Parts of the flower was perfectly explained if hibiscus was the model, way better.

Got to go I want to gather some hibiscus, going to make bubbles ill be back later.


I'm back its now or never, I'll put gumamela on top of my ear.

Have no fear hibiscus gumamela is here.

I'm very color, if you're sad I'll make you feel happier.

Happiness that I bring will make you live longer.

Thankyou to the painter, my Hibiscus gumamela memories will live forever