As I looked at the  pictures you  sent,

your eyes were so sweet staring at me.

I felt that love you always utter to me.

You know I miss you every single day

and the  only way to overxome it is to

look at your pictures everyday.


With every beat of my heart...

It's only you that I always pray.

Our relationship was a roller coaster ride,

as colorful as the rainbows in the skies.

Wishing that this relationship won't die.


Time flies so fast.

Until one day I woke up and cried.

I don't know what happened.

I really don't know why?


I.consulted my heart...

the feelings was still there.

I consulted my mind...

and you are still there.


What is this I 'm feeling?

It's really killing me thinking.

Am I confused or just uncontented?


I made a promise to love him FOREVER

and I don't want to SURRENDER.


I prayed to God and sighed...

"Please Lord, give me a sign".

I knew I'm inlove with this man,

"Please guide me in your lovimg hand".

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