My Plans after Covid-19

By ellenmae on 16th Oct 2020

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It's been a long six months away,

Every one alarmed by news from far away.

Novel coronavirus news you may hear everywhere,

You'll never know the virus carrier just somewhere.


A lot of precautions, everyone's performing,

To prevent themselves from virus transferring.

In the supermarket, you can see panic buying,

Important goods to stock for the families future consuming.


School class canceled, employers, staying home working,

Makes us very busy doing everyday house cleaning.

Can't go out for holiday, better stay home for our own safety,

Additional salary to be included in our savings, very wisely.


I hope and pray this coronavirus will be gone,

Our normal work and schedule will resume before they're all gone.

After this, I want to continue my work to support my kid's future,

Oh God spare us not to let this pandemic affect everyone's future.



August 7, 2020


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