Self Love

By OdyHorizons on 15th Oct 2020

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#motivation at its best.

Self Love

Social Media Correspondent

Ody Munson.


My magic pen is back.

I know I'm on my track.

Lately I took rest I don't slack.

Held my bank of words unto my rack.


Being a leader radiate positivity be the rock.

Uplift held my hand don't mock.

Love your self first, sometimes relax.

Spend time with nature, and it's tiny creatures.


Get a chair, grab a book sit back.

Feel the gentle breeze sending you it's kisses

Meditate to transform your goals, that's once a wishes.

Yesterday I learned to be smart, its just a sojourn, your not a forever tourists.


Love yourself, even just for a minute.

Our life is not forever, nothing is definite.

Success is just a certificate that you laminate.

Useless, if love for humanity is not what you create.





If your tired never forget to do self love even just 5 min. Shake the dust and Continue reaching your goal.


#"To all tired human being out there this all for you

Feel BETTER GUYS upon reading this.

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