I Promise Myself

By ellenmae on 15th Oct 2020

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I promise my self to forget the past!

I promise my self to start a new path!

I promise my self to be more motivated!

I promise myself to be the best version of myself!


Be simple, be unique, be authentic.

I want to learn how to overcome, my own critic.

Love my self as I never do it before.

Trust my self to be better than before.


It's time to act, and move forward,

Embrace the positive mindset from people around,

Focus on how you achieve your goals,

A good personality is where your future depends.


I am who I am, and this is who I shall forever be.

I will do good things to others as much I can be.

I do not care what others think of me.

You like me or not, that is your own personal choice.


Accept me for who I really am, that's what I say.

To the people talking bad things while I am away.

I am confident, I never do anything wrong with you.

Respect me if you want to respect you too.


I Promise Myself I will Love me till the end.




August 6, 2020