Sister from the Moon

By ellenmae on 15th Oct 2020

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You are not my sister, yes it's true!

We are not even close, quite so true!

I know you since childhood, we both know!

We live in the same village, everyone may know!


You knock on my door, I let you in.

You offered me the opportunity, I let myself in.

You encourage me to change my belief,

You enlighten my knowledge I feel relief.


I ask my self, why only now?

Why you didn't come earlier than I thought?

What took you so long to knock on my door?


A glance at this photo, I see your face in there.

As a reminder, the darkest side will change,

In your presence, a wonderful future will shine.

A shine I wish that will never fade.


Thank you for cheering me up, we both can do it!

Thank you for your encouragement, yes I can do it!

Thank you for your understanding, no one can!

Thank you for believing in me,  yes I can!


You are my moon, who shines my way,

A way that almost leads me in the wrong way.

You lighten up my spirit, to go and find myself.

And motivate me to be the best version of my self.



I love you, my Sister, from Moon Liezel Fernandez Y Marcos



August 4, 2020