Rosegen... A Flower and A Gem

By Anna09 on 9th Oct 2020

Horizons: home for talented migrant workers in Hong Kong

I've known her way back  primary days,

Too long ago but her beauty never fades.

Her honesty and sincerity shows her unique quality.

Her generosity makes her more wealthy.


She is precious like a jade.

Her family needs her, they will never trade.

Her presence is more valuable than any flowers in their shade.

She's lovely on her own way, a true beauty that will never fade.


God will always bless you for you are a gem.

A ROSEGEN,  wonderful person that everyone hopes will never change.

Stay as humble and as sweet as you are.

For I adore you and I want to ride one day in your car.


I admired her bravery and strong personality.

She fights for her rights, a decent dignity.

Her success is to see others happy, a very powerful identity.

We love her dearly and wishes her a happy, happy birthday.

Pearly, champy and me wishes you all the best and have a wonderful day.


Written by: Annaliza V. Aquino



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