By Anna09 on 25th Sep 2020

Horizons: home for talented migrant workers in Hong Kong

Poetry is a form of art,

Words that come within your heart,

Scribbled words,

Resulting into a brand new world.


Expression of emotions,

Showing of deeper devotions,

Giving inspiration,

To those in desperation.

Appreciating the world's true dimension.


Writting is  freedom,

To shout all your worries,

To laugh out loud all your happiness,

To cry all your pains,

Freedom to say what you're thinking.


Come, join us here in HORIZONS,

We value poetry, it is our passion,

You will find a family for your protection,

And helps you to have a better expression.

Come out to your shell, my dear friends,

Get your pens, we write, we begin.

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