Joan Liezl and Betty... My Sisters in the Moon

By Anna09 on 20th Sep 2020

Horizons: home for talented migrant workers in Hong Kong

I have these two friends, they are both lovely and awesome.

They are both good in businesses, I admired their patience and perseverance.

They are both energetic and very responsible.

They are the example of a modern Filipina, totally  empowered women, oozing with confidence and talent.


We are thankful we met each other, even in an awkward situation.

We both collided and jive for we possess the same views and principles a decent woman should have.

We never let anyone ruin our friendship because we believe that birds of same feathers flock together.

And even we don't chat regulary, our bond will last forever.


Here's a poem dedicated to both of you,

For believing in me especially in times of blue,

Thank you for a wonderful friendship and sisters we share in hue.

God wil bless you always with strength and wisdom to overcome any due.


Remember always that you two are my sisters in the moon,

Giving brighter light to people whose doomed,

Stay your shine and focus on the lighter shades of life, bringing silver linings like those  flowers in bloom.

I liked your positivity and endurance in all aspects, both of you are in zoom.

I love you and we will bond personally too soon.

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