Flower of Inspiration

By ellenmae on 15th Sep 2020

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Like this beautiful flower that thrived in the tropical climates,

and volcanic soil that is found around the world that creates.

It symbolizes immortality, it bloomed even if it is uprooted,

and most of the people considered this as a sacred.


It migrated all over the world.

It gives a hopeful symbol, and extremely popular and adored.

It brings us the new beginning!

A new chapter of life, the past be the ending.


It brings us new birth or new life!

Saying goodbye to the cold and dark days of our life,

Welcoming the pleasant and warm days after each rain.

Embracing the new people surrounds you from within.


Be extremely joyful and positivity.

It brings us grace and beauty!

Gentle and slightly none intrusive beauty,

That captivates us and wins over our hearts.

Giving very strong and beautiful scents,

Fragrances of our life it brings.


Wherever the worlds may bring you,

Be like the flower that inspires, brings out the positive in you.

That gives an important part of everyone's lives,

Don't let your world be dull and colorless,

And wouldn't have such beauty that surrounds us.


Need to be accepted and include in the way of living.

Wherever you may go, be humble, and always have a good heart makes it more interesting.

To see how you grow in a different part of the world.

Be ignited, empowered, and inspired around the world.




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