By OdyHorizons on 12th Sep 2020

Horizons: home for talented migrant workers in Hong Kong




Cross borders.


 How many times did I ride an airplane, I'm completely lost of track.

Twelve countries to be exact, souvenirs hangs on the rack.

With experience and adventures, I'm totally pack.


Paalam Philippines, Lebanon, my first stop.

I have no idea what's going to pop.

All I know first time I saw a snow,Mt Cedars I'm standing on top.

Although I'm proud, in my job im using a mop.


I learned to be independent, fight loneliness.

I can say, I became tough fighting home sickness.

My family is my one big weakness.

But here I am now working for their good life and happiness.


I keep on travelling, as work  required

Visited, Malaysia, Indonesia, Macau, Germany, Netherlands, Taiwan, Japan, America, my sweat, run dried.

Adjustment is the biggest thing, all of the food, needed to be tried.

Im a fast learner, survival, their language my tongued magically got tied.


If there's a good   thing migration would  bring.

Is I became the better  version if me I kept on pushing.

To every trial, difficult mountain train I'm here, conquering.

Right now the new norm I'm using my pen for fighting.

As this pandemic was very alarming.

Migration, away from home made me what I am now, productive in writing.

Became a better human being.

May mother earth will be healed, so we can all go home the last good thing, this migration could bring, is what I'm solemnly praying.


Written by Ody Munson

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