Mother of Poetry

By Anna09 on 7th Sep 2020

Horizons: home for talented migrant workers in Hong Kong

She is amazing, she's  one of a kind,

She is not pretentious, she's rare to find,

I'm grateful and blessed to be her daughter in poetry, where we bind,

It's an honor to be a member of her founded home, Horizons, forever I will treasure in my heart and in my mind.


She will show you how to be loyal in your pledge.

She will teach you priceless knowledge.

She will support and discover your talents. Boost your personal courage, enhance your self confidence and renew your self empowerment, that's how magical and wonderful she is.


I love her truly and deeply, for she wakes me up to my restless nights.

I respect her with dignity for she is the noblest person I have had.

I follow her with humility  for her humbleness never fade even she's a queen.

I admire her honestly for she embodies strength and power, vigilance,and that title only belongs to her.

Mother of poetry, the one and only MELODY.


God will always bless you my mother, my dear,

For your principles and selfless intentions you've shared.

For bringing hope to those weary and changing lives to many,

For being an inspiration and for being a role model to society.

You are exceptional and continue to be who you are to  humanity.

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