By OdyHorizons on 4th Sep 2020

Horizons: home for talented migrant workers in Hong Kong


By Melody Nadal

Aka. Ody Munson


We been limited to lot of things in this pandemic.

One of those things that i miss was a hug sweet and romantic.

Hugs that's so warm, nice feelings thats our talents

Who will say no to a hug tight or gentle moments.


Memories of hugs from you from above.

Made me feel I'm important and loved.

Im seing the white dove.

Let's give everyone a hug peace for humanity.

Make it a reality not just a theory.


I need a hug I'm feeling weary.

Hugs from mommy  to her baby.

Hugs from daddy to his family.

Hug of comfort to a friend, whose feeling down or happy.

Cuddles of food intention.

Prevents unnecessary action.

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