Russian Roulette

By Jay-Mie on 30th Aug 2020

Migrant Writers of Hong Kong





Russian Roulette


Here I am in my fortress

Alone in quietude

Surrounded by the walls that I built

The sky is blinding

But all I see is darkness


Feeling the emptiness

As I walk to the edge of my death pit

Preoccupied with nothing but self pity

Overflowing fears and uncertainties

My head was spinning

The Russian roulette had just begun


I heard silent laughters from afar

Deafening murmurs of my past

My body became weak

As I wait for my bullet of fate

I closed my eyes, I have submitted myself to hell


Just then a small sound of cry

Snapped me back into reality

Before this sky scrapers witness my downfall

Or before I pulled the trigger

Of the deadly weapon in my hands


Now I'm hearing voices

The loving heartbeat of people who matter

Their battlecries becoming clear

I was awakened, soaked in cold waters

New hopes reborn, renewed


From this day forward

As I stand on the pedestal

With the sun as my witness

And God as my strength

Never will I give anyone again the satisfaction of my destruction


Written by: Maria Nemy Lou Rocio

Photo credit : Jane Lyn Dupingay

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30th Aug 2020
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