Woman for All Seasons

By Anna09 on 29th Aug 2020

Horizons: home for talented migrant workers in Hong Kong

She is my adviser, preacher and soon to be godmother.

She is a businesswoman and a pet lover.

She is a dedicated friend and a passionate sister.

She is indeed an epitome of a loving wife and a great mother.


She loves her friends and shares them her wisdom,

She can even be a dietician, a plant lover and a beautician all in one,

You can message her any time, even when she's doing her favorite pastime.

She will attend to you as quick as she can.

You will never feel alone, she's someone you can lean on.


She helps her siblings and her neighbors too.

She goes to charity works but she doesn't want others to know.

She has a good heart that God only see.

I know this because she still helps me even while I'm overseas.


She is Menchu, the Woman for All Seasons.

She can teach you how to carry yourself and how to move on.

She knows a lot about life and  learn from her in all occassions.

Indeed, she is a woman with powerful motivation, and  I love her without pretentions.

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