Onad... The Artist

By Anna09 on 28th Aug 2020

Horizons: home for talented migrant workers in Hong Kong

I met him in Horizons page..home for talented migrants

And he is really a gem and a passionate tyrant

Of his masterpieces that are relevant

Really extraordinary and he can finish in an instant.


I admire him a lot, he is an artist rare to find

This is all i can do, for him, being so kind

Thank you for his artwork we have memories to bind

And forever a remembrance in my mind.


One day, we will meet with joy

And eat together with our favorite chickenjoy

Don't worry brother, I will not ask you to pay for it

But if you insist I would  love to take it.


This poem is for you, my virtual friend

Take care always and continue to reach the good end

For I felt your sincerity and passion

Love for an art is your awesome dedication.

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