Home Kong

By Jay-Mie on 26th Aug 2020

Migrant Writers of Hong Kong

The sky facing the earth's waters

Mirrored it's richness of colours

A sprinkles of orange and touches of blue

Clouds floating like cotton candies


Towering heights boastfully stands

Within the city that never sleeps

Working from early morn till late at night Chasing the most elusive taste of success


A land of dream, a land of hope

For people of different races and strokes

From tyrants to oligarchs to layman

It's their endless rendezvous


That when I set my feet to it's grounds

I fell in love at first sight of it's beauty

Wanting to explore it's hidden paradise

Embracing it, as it welcomes me within


My second home sweet home

We've seen each other's struggles

Me, for a future, and you, for stability

You've filled some pages of my story


I may leave you soon,

I may or never come back to your arms

But thank you, for what I will take home

Is my own sweet fulfillment of dreams

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26th Aug 2020
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