Little Princess

By Jay-Mie on 17th Aug 2020

Migrant Writers of Hong Kong

I'm a small princess

Living in my made up big castle

No diamond but floral crown on my head

And a lovely dress that's made for a queen


With a curtsy to all princes

Who passes with admiring eyes that show

A modest wave to my maidens in waiting

And a sweet smile to all my servants


I like to play under the morning sun

My joyful laughter fills the fresh air

I run and giggle when the rain drops

Soak and stomp in muddy puddles


My unicorn horses are my fairies

Spreading pixies on my invisible wings

And in unison we fly high

To a paradise in my imagination


My dolls are my friends

They make me happy when I'm sad

Together we sit and have some tea

With a maiden who serves with glee


I love my papa who says

For him, I will always be her baby

But my mama is the best

Because she always says, I'm her princess💗💗💗💗

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17th Aug 2020
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