By Anna09 on 14th Aug 2020

Horizons: home for talented migrant workers in Hong Kong

She was my "buddy",

We are mates and sometimes we almost have the same hobby,

We are close and we often stay in the lobby,

To watch students do their own activity.


Now we are aged,

Have our own family and we finish our own rage,

Still our friendship locked in the cage,

And bonded to last not to fade.


Charo is her name,

Sweet, lovely and tame,

Now she feels like a winner in the game,

Because she's s living a life, full of comfort and fame.


One day, when these pandemic stop,

We will bond and go to shop,

We will eat non-stop for we are craving our favorite ice cream on top,

And that day will be the happiest day our friendship could have.


Someday, our roads will cross again,

We will reminisce days and remember lessons that we gain,

Forgetting the pain,

And embracing lifes blessing, and our friendship in our hearts will always remain.

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