By Jay-Mie on 7th Aug 2020

Migrant Writers of Hong Kong


I have braved many storms

And everytime, I adjusted my sail

Passing through without sinking

I am the captain of my ship


I spread my wings and soar

Facing the rough winds above

There were turbulennces but never crashed

I am the pilot of my own flight


I've been to warzone

A soldier full of valor

Fighting the enemies, with a braveheart

I am the commander of my own battle


Into the forest I ventured

I will never become the prey

One of the fittest amongst the herd

I am the tigress, the hunter in my own jungle


Time has made me what I am today

Failures had given me wisdom

My yesterday's subdues are my tomorrow's triumphs

I am me, this is me, I am the queen of my life

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7th Aug 2020
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