Real Friends

By ellenmae on 7th Aug 2020

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I have my friends all the way.

Some of them may or never stay.

Few are those who knew me just then.

Come and go every now and then.


I appreciate a very unique light,

Some that radiate so very bright.

They do have a personality that I love,

A blessing from heaven's up above.


The thought that we get torn apart,

The thing that just breaks up my heart.

You should know and feel deep inside,

Whatever happens, I'm always at your side.


Please do always know and be aware,

You are all special, and I do care.

Real friends like all of you, on this day,

Make me appreciate a very special way.


Deep within you may find,

Emotions unsaid in your mind.

Hold on tight, and don't let go.

Remember the faith, let it grow.


Of all the people throughout my day,

I wish the best for you, I say.

You, all my friends, whom I really know.

That I've met two-three decades ago.



July 24, 2020



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