When covid 19 is gone..

By deehroiles on 7th Aug 2020

Horizons: home for talented migrant workers in Hong Kong

My Vacation with YOU


When hard times comes to an end.

And pandemic vanished on the land.

It’s you I wanted to spend a grand.

A penny worth a thousand.


I will run down to meet you at dawn.

To have a bonding of our own.

In a far-away place unknown.

On board on a our own wagon.


Will you give me a chance?

I really need to have a glance.

On that island many did a prance.

An island made an authentic arrogance.


I want to see you and me there.

Making Sandcastles and childish flare.

Under the afternoon suns fiercing stare.

Its our shadows together under there.


Let this universal widespread be gone.

We will paddle our own canoe as we go.

A beautiful place to take all our owe.

Ohh Boracay my love, I come as I promised you I do.