By OdyHorizons on 6th Aug 2020

Horizons: home for talented migrant workers in Hong Kong

Good morning Pangyao Community.

Happy Thursday.

Have you guys seen the rainbow lately?

Have you ever wonder why the sky is blue, or why the rose , was pink , or why we sat our heart was red or why the leaves are green?

Let's Use this colors as soirhing co.fort when we're on our self doubt and no way it no one to run too.

Run to thus comforting colors that surrounds you. 


By.Melody Nadal

Aka.Ody Munson


It's your birthday let's paint the town red.

let's celebrate another year ahead.

Let's go out yellow sunshine is waiting,ill be cautious,covid I'm not worried.

Happiness optimism,you bring,that's what yesterday I dreamed

Not just an orange fruit,health,energy, warmth of your loved I feel so excited.


Here comes green nature,mother earth I'm very nurtured.

Enticing so soothing,theres no such room for greed.

With vast blue sky in one horizons,tranquility and peace, humanity let's get united.

Cleanliness of one's mind body and soul, radiates peace,so next generation would be a loyal breed.


Purple gown much the royalty,crown through my creativity am I benefitted.

Sometimes its ,supernatural,is theres such thing as magic who will be benefited ?

Still ,let's all work hard I'll lead.


Pink Rose's and bouquet of flowers,

 arranged by the gifted.

Feminity as it's best as women was the instrument why earth was populated.

As our mother was full of love to us her children shes dedicated .

I always come home to you as your tranquilizing words if I'm troubled.

Task given to me as a woman, mother,  daughter I am deeply honored.


In this Kaleidoscope world.

See your self in this big picture if life,dont be troubled.

We are in like stars on galaxy scattered diversified.

Open your eyes to the color of life,through this poetry the , meaning was identified. In time of difficulty and self doubt,these colors will give you space so your not deteriorated.

Covered with positivity instead.


📸📸 painting by Horizons: home for talented migrant workers in Hongkong

Artist Maureen Villanueva.

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